This Is Pasuma’s Real Father

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This famous Fuji artiste has released album after album, but there are still many rumours surrounding the family where the future star was born.

Let us talk about who is the father of Pasuma.
The information we will reveal below was not available to the public for a long time. Now we have found out the truth, and we are sure many Nigerians are curious to discover it.
Almost no one knows who was Pasuma biological father.

Today, in our post, you will know about this person. What is Pasuma father’s name? Many people used to believe that Wasiu Alabi Pasuma’s father was Nollywood actor Agbako; he is also known as Charles Olumo and his real name is Alhaji Abdulsalam Sanyaolu. There were rumours that he had a love affair with Pasuma’s mother and thus he was believed to be the father of Fuji singer. However, it turned out that the celebrity’s biological dad is a different person
His name is Odetola. He originates from the south-west part of Nigeria and is believed to live in Mushin.
Pasuma whose real name is Wasiu Alabi Odutola used to say, Mr. Odetola was his real daddy. However, people didn’t believe that information. You have learned who is Pasuma’s biological father. The popular actor and singer has his own secrets, and his privacy should be respected by all Nigerians. Still, real fans always want to know the truth about their idols, and it is wonderful when celebrities are sincere with the public. About Wasiu Alabi Pasuma Pasuma is a famous artiste, musician and actor in Nigeria.

Born on November 27th, the celebrity turns 51 years old in 2018. He has more than 30 albums including the debut release called Recognition (1993), Confidence, African Puff Daddy, American, Fuji Motion, Yankee Party Time, Wisdom and Maturity to name a few among of them. Also, he appeared in several movies. You might remember Alenibare and Iyanje.

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