Secretary of Nigerian Witches, Wizards Iboi Dies At 65

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Secretary of Nigerian Witches, Wizards Iboi Dies At 65
The secretary general of Nigeria witches and wizards, Doctor Okhue Iboi, has died.
He died in the early hours of Sunday, May 12, 2024 at his home town in Otuo, Owan East Local Government Area, Edo State.
He was 65 years old.

The trado-medical practitioner who, in some of his interviews confessed to be the secretary general of witches and wizards in Nigeria, was originally born in Okpe, Akoko Edo Local Government Area of Edo State, lived in Lagos, using his herbal skills to administer treatment to patients who go for his service.

In a brief narrative with his wife on Sunday afternoon with Mr. Ayodele Oshikokhai, a Lagos based journalist, Okhue Iboi was said to have taken ill and he was moved down to the village for appropriate medical attention.
He was said to have taken injection yesterday {Saturday} after which his condition deteriorated earlier today.
He died thereafter.
“He died this morning. He is in mortuary. He died in the village. He took injection and nobody knew how the injection worked on him.
“He was sick and they brought him to the village. Na so we see am o,” the wife disclosed to Oshikokhai.
According to history, Doctor Okhue Iboi’s father, Jonah Iboi, was a farmer, hunter and a respected community leader.
He migrated in the 1950s with his wives from his home town, Otuo in Owan East Local Government Area of Edo State to Okpe in Akoko Edo Local Government Area. Even with five wives, he had no child.
So, he relocated in obedience to an Ifa divination that he should leave Otuo if he wished to have children.
He adapted quickly to life in his new settlement where he was loved by his hosts for his kindness and open-mindedness.
He went on with farming and hunting expedition until an event occurred that changed his life and gave birth to Okhue on April 6, 1959.
In an interview with Vanguard newspaper, Okhue Iboi disclosed that “When I was born, I came from my mother’s womb with some mystic objects in my hands. I had fresh leaves in my hands, which was a prelude to what I am renowned for today as an herbalist.
“Mysteriously at age two, I disappeared from my mother’s bed while we both slept at night and, for six months, there was no trace of me.
“My parents were scared, they sought spiritual intervention and the oracle confirmed that I was well and safe in the hands of my spiritual guardians, where I was understood to be undergoing spiritual purification and preparation for my earthly mission.
“The oracle directed my parents to always place my food daily at the place I was always eating in the house.
“They complied and the meals would disappear without them knowing who ate it. By the end of the sixth month, I was suddenly found lying beside my mother on the day I exactly clocked three years.”
Okhue Iboi was a wealthy man with three daughters and a son who are all university graduates.

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