Nigerians In shock As Mrs Zanga Wraps Marijuana, Smokes with her husband

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Nigerians cannot still wrap their heads around the fact that popular personalities on Twitter (X) ADIE GLORIA AHOBIWOM known popular as Mrs Zanga and her husband are unapologetically weed lovers.

The woman had taken to X to show her visit to her husband on building site where she took food to him.

Not only that, Mrs Zanga proudly wrap the Indian helm for her husband to smoke.


She captioned her post: “Visited my husband at his working site and I brought small refreshments 😁🍃💚”

She further wrote: “Called bro and he sounded like he needed me 🤭. So I brought me and Mary J😁.

See the third frame?😂😂
He went back to work energized. God bless all the hard working men out there 🙏 You are seen and you are valid 💚

Responding to the tweet, her mutual, Adebayo Alaago wrote: “

I thought cannabis/marijuana is against the law, at least not publicly!? Or am I getting something wrong?

Another, Onyedikachukwu Anambra wrote: “God knows I won’t tolerate such in my site.”
Ogwu Ego wrote: “Is this shit legalised in this country, you de put urself for problem but u don’t know, any day NDLEA remembers you guys otilor.

Debbie Chelsea wrote: “So this smoking they are saying that you and your hubby does is true? I thought it was all banter

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