Nigerian Ladies Trade Their Love For Money, Poll Reveals

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While the world is skeptical of Nigeria over the level of corruption in the country, a poll has shown that the country has another big problem to tackle.
While love comes with a price, Nigerian ladies have been identified as sellers of their feeling and affection to the highest bidder.

Many have said that Nigerian ladies do not care about a man’s source of wealth or care about red flags as long as the man can spend on them.

While it’s clear that the attitude is not in the culture of Nigeria, it’s stated that creed is the major factor behind the trend.

A poll recently conducted by media personality, Tunde Olaoluwa Adekunle, popularly known as Tunde Ednut revealed that a large percentage of Nigerians agree with the notion that Nigerian ladies are money conscious.

According to the poll that gathered 10,400 responses in two days, shows that 94 per cent of respondents said Nigerian ladies love money too much, while only four per cent disagreed.

The poll follows a video of Nigerian skitmaker, Adesokan Adedeji Emmanuel professionally known by his stage name Shank Comics, advising British men on dating Nigerian women.

In the podcast episode with two British men, Shank shared his insights. One of the men expressed his desire to visit Nigeria, and Shank encouraged him while also giving a warning.

According to Shank, Nigerian women prioritize money over looks when it comes to relationships.
He said Nigerian ladies see men who can lavish money as an angel, no matter how he appears.

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