Journalist Okunola Tells All About Lady Who Wants To Show Gratitude With Her Nonny

Sex for interview
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You must have heard about Sex for Grade and Political appointments, but have you heard of Sex for Interview? If you haven’t, then read this from award winning journalist, Damilare Okunola.


After an engagement with one of those ladies we interviewed dah year, she asked Me: “Where will you be later tonight? I don’t mind visiting you and your friend with my friend.”

I laughed out loud and asked what she wanted to coman do with her friend. She said they wanted to bring food and to appreciate us for the kindness 👀👀


If you see the Babe, she set die! Curves here and there 🙈🙈 so, no be sey the offering na burnt offering, but the thing first sounded strange to me.

As in pe, you and your friend wantu coman visit me and mines at the hotel with food and appreshiashon? 🙌🏽🙌🏽

I knew she was being very grateful and wanted to show her immense gratitude, but, I wouldn’t even have accepted any gift in cash let alone in kind.

So, I just kept laughing and asked her to take it easy fest 😂

When we gave her the money we took to her, she asked: “Who are you? And why did you bring all the money they asked you to give me?

“You couldn’t even keep some for your transport or for your stress. Who are you?”

I smiled and told her that it was hers and even if I wan take money, no be dah kain money.

It was after this episode that she wanted to come appreciate us in the night. Whew!

My conclusion from that encounter, which continued weeks, months after that discussion – I won’t give you people the details 👀😋😂 – was that she had found it difficult to get help without someone wanting something in return.

Nigerian men (and women too) could be really terrible when they’re helping people who are vulnerable, really. Nothing goes for nothing, abi?

In any case, I’m putting this outchea to remind anyone who has lost hope, that there are still many kind and honest Nigerians out there.

I’m not giving anything away about who this was, big props to her, I just thought to share with you.

I’m also not trying to tell you dah I’m not a bad boy. The truth is, Iyam, but I’m not a veeery baaaad boy 😂😂😂

Maybe you can also be kind to people, especially the vulnerable ones, without wanting anything in return 🙇🏽‍♂️

The only person who can guess correctly who this person was, is Osodi the great 😂😂

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