Eva Alordiah Shares Hot Breakfast Inspired Poem

If you think an heartbreak cannot bring the best out of you or cannot cause the needed breakthrough, this Eva Alodiah story could just be all
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If you think a heartbreak cannot bring the best out of you or cannot cause the needed breakthrough, this Eva Alodiah story could just be all you need to reinvent yourself after being served a hot breakfast.

Elohor Eva Alordiah better known as Eva Alordiah or simply Eva, is a Nigerian rapper, make-up artist, fashion designer and entrepreneur.

Eva is regarded as one of the best female rappers in Nigeria. Her contributions to the Nigerian music industry have earned her several accolades, including one Nigeria Entertainment Award, one Eloy Award, and one YEM award.

Her debut EP, titled Gigo (Garbage in Garbage Out), was released for free digital download on 20 November 2011. Eva is the owner of makeupByOrsela, a company that specializes in makeup services. In November 2014, Eva released her eponymous second extended play Eva.

Just like every other person, Eva relationship hits rock bottom in 2021 which left her heartbroken and depressed.

She took to Twitter to share the story of her heartbreak and how it changed her life.

In her words: “In February 2021, I faced one of the hardest heartbreaks of my entire life. It happened over Facetime. 1 was trembling as my tears mixed with mascara, begging him to reconsider.

But the finality of his decision hung in the silence. Nothing prepared me for what came next in the following weeks after we broke up, I spent every waking hour working.

I was busy being busy. Distracting myself, pretending that the pain hadn’t taken permanent residence in my chest.

But soon I had to face myself. And it happened on a Friday night in May.

I had spent the entire day in Zoom meetings with clients. I needed a break from my laptop and from myself.

1 grabbed my Journal and pen and took a lonely walk to the gardens in my neighbourhood.

1 assumed my position under a grove of trees. Then I muttered a silent prayer as soon as I started to write, the words fell onto the page in the easiest of ways.

My hands were scribbling so fast. It was as if something beyond me was dictating to me and I was chasing the words down.

In less than 45 minutes, a poem had formed in my journal. It wasn’t until I finished writing that I realized what had happened.

The weight of my pain had fallen off me. It was no longer sitting in my chest. It had now housed itself on the page.

That night, I recited the poem to myself over and over. The rawness of my own words pierced my heart. Fresh, happy tears made my eyes

heavy and I heard a voice in my head say to me- “You don’t have to wait for something bad (6 to happen before you express your gifts.

You know what you should be doing. Stop waiting for the pain to motivate you.

Or else the Universe will send a lot of it your way.”
So I spent the following week recording the poem, filming it, and publishing it to my YouTube. For me, I was just expressing how I felt. But for other people watching, I was speaking to their Souls.

Hundreds of comments poured in. Everyone was thanking me for sharing it. People who were going through heartbreak found the poem to be the perfect remedy.

They said it was the one thing that helped them find closure.

Expressing myself, was the healing balm for other people. And this is the true work of an Artist. Is it not?

1 believe we have a wonderful gift as Creative people, to share ourselves, in a raw, authentic way. And in doing so, we help others find the answers they are seeking.

Pain is usually a great motivator for the Artist. But we shouldn’t have to wait for the pain to push us into doing the work we have been called to do.

The world is waiting on your gifts. People need you.

Please, share yourself while you still have the grace to do so.


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