Do You Know The Story Behind This Painting?

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In ancient Rome, there was a man named Cimon.
He was old and experiencing a lot of difficulties, which made him end up in prison. And the punishment he was given was to slowly starve to death.
But his daughter, Pero, was determined to save him.
Pero, his daughter, asked for permission to visit him daily. Guards thoroughly searched Pero and her six-month-old baby each time but allowed them to enter.
After four months, authorities noticed that Cimon was still alive and had not lost weight. They decided to investigate. They discovered that Pero, as the only visitor, was secretly feeding her father with her own breast milk during each visit.

Upon learning of Pero’s selfless act, the judges were moved by compassion and love. Instead of anger or condemnation, they ordered the release of both the father and his daughter, recognizing the extraordinary bond and commitment to preserving life.
The painting is called “ROMAN CHARITY” and it’s a tale of love and sacrifice.

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