David Hundeyin Writes Little Tara Over Father’s Role In Nigeria Election

Nigerian journalist and author, David Hundeyin has written a letter to a little girl, Tara Badamasi over her father’s role in Nigeria’s 2023 elections and ‘dancing naked in the market square’.
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Nigerian journalist and author, David Hundeyin has written a letter to a little girl, Tara Badamasi over her father’s role in Nigeria’s 2023 elections and ‘dancing naked in the market square’.

The letter follows Akeem Badamasi mocking Humdeyin after the judges thrown out the cases of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar and that of Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate, Peter Obi against the candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC) presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu.

Badamasi had sent an annoying message; “Shameless David, your propaganda is dead on arrival- Jagaban 8 years guaranteed.

Awori/calabar fool… you’re not from lagos. Your mama played away matches as usual with calabar women. Your hypocrisy has been laid to rest.How market, with the judicial verdicts?”

Responding, Hundeyin wrote:
Dear Tara Badamasi,

You probably won’t read this until you’re older. You will probably be even older before you understand it, but I hope you will someday understand why I am writing you this letter.

By now, you probably know that you come from a place known as ‘Nigeria.’ If it still exists when you are reading this, then you know a little bit about what it means to be associated with it. You probably don’t like the way other people treat you or talk about you simply because of where you come from.

I was once just like you. Actually, millions of us were just like you. One day we were born, the next day we were dealing with all kinds of problems simply because of where we were born or who gave birth to us. I’m sure you find it as unfair as we did.

Of course, we did not sit on our hands and do nothing about it. Some of us did everything in our power to change the situation. If there is still Google or ChatGPT whenever you’re reading this, you can search “Nigeria 2023 Election” and see what happened.

You can also search my name and see the work I did to inform Nigerians and the world about the danger of allowing a drug criminal force his way into power and stay there. If Amazon still exists, you can search for my second book ‘Breaking Point’ and read all about it.

After reading everything, if you’re horrified that what happened took place in spite of all our efforts, then there is something you should know. It didn’t happen because we failed, or because we didn’t try hard enough. It happened because Nigeria in 2023 unfortunately had several people who didn’t believe that they were fully human.

These people were fully committed to preserving Nigeria exactly the way it was, not because it was good for them, but because they thought that they might someday become like the drug criminal who became president.

There was no evidence that they would ever amount to anything other than the miserable nobodies that they were, but – as I’m sure you know by now – Nigerians as they existed in my time, were strangely, intensely, delusionally, optimistic people.

Your father Akeem, was unfortunately one of them.

I’m not writing this to tell you that your dad was a terrible person. He may or may not have been a terrible person from my perspective, but that is not important. You may know him only as a loving father who hopefully takes care of you and treats you well.

What is important is that – regardless of who you know him as – he was a deeply unwise person who personally contributed to whatever problems you think of whenever someone says the word “Nigeria” around you. If you have ever heard him complain about “Nigeria” or talk about its problems as though he were a victim, it is important for you to know that he was a perpetrator and an accomplice.

The Publisher of West Africa Weekly, added: “Your father Akeem Badamasi was not a victim. He was one of the people who destroyed the place you know as ‘Nigeria.’

I’m not writing this so you should start to hate him. He is still your father – by all accounts he loves you very much. I am writing this so that someday when you are at the age your father is now in September 2023, you can properly assess your situation and make better choices than he did.

He might have been an unwise, delusional turkey who voted for Christmas, but you have the opportunity to make better choices and be better than him. You can do it. Every human child has the capacity to transcend and rise above the mental limitations their parents imposed on themselves.

Tara, it might be too late for your father, for me and our generation over here in 2023, but it is not too late for you. You have the blank slate of the future ahead of you and the pencil is in your hand. Only you and your contemporaries can determine what ‘Nigeria’ – or whatever replaces it – will be known for or associated with.

Your father might have failed you, but you don’t have to fail yourself.

I’m wishing you all the best from over here in September 2023.

Rooting for you!

David Hundeyin

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