Audacious Shafy Ballo Stands On The Source

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When you hear the name, Shafy Bello, you think about the gorgeous woman that started gracing the screen in 2012 as an actress and for those born in the 70s or 80 will remember her as the young lady that featured in a 1997 hit song by Seyi Sodimu’s “Love Me Jeje.
Only a few are aware of her early struggles, her achievements as a song minister in churches, her journey to suspension from the church choir by the current Soun of Ogbomoso, Prince Afolabi Ghandi Olaoye.

Shafy Bello journey into becoming one of the Nigerian actors that have good command of the English language started in Anthony Village, Lagos where she was enrolled in Iya Olodo tutorial class. Though, Iya Olodo was was tough and strict with the students but her approach and commitment in shaping the students resonated with Shafy Bello.
Shafy grew up in the United States where she completed her education and started working but she soon returned to Nigeria after getting the nod of her ex-husband to do so.

After decades on the screen, Shafy Bello recently stepped on the podium at Ecobank Pan African Centre in Ozumba Mbadiwe, Lagos, to speak young people in her first MasterClass to speak with young people on relying on the source, integrity, purpose, kindness and her personal stories.
When asked about why it took her so long to have the masterclass, she said: “After my 50th birthday, God dropped it in my heart to do this and I have been nurturing it. I was scared of coming out to do this. I asked myself if I was ready or it’s time and if people will show up. I just want to impact people, ignite something within.
I have been an actor for so long and I thought it’s time to do something else. I knew within me that acting is not my purpose, it’s just what I love doing. This is my purpose so, this is borne out of hunger to do something different.

Speaking on the future of the programme, she said: “I want this to be a national tour, inspire people; it’s not about the money, I have the money but all I’m looking for are sponsors to lighten the weight on me because I won’t get the number if I only spend my money; I can get very fast and go far if I have people to back me.
Asked if she’s worried about the new reception of who she is, she said: “I don’t really care. The people I care about are the people who will sponsor me to impact more people and make it easier for me. There is a lot going on on social media right now and we want our children to get back to where they ought to, and, this is one of the channels.

When asked if she will write a book on the show, she said: “I don’t know; when the time comes, anything is possible. When it comes, everyone will know.
“This is going to be a national tour but I need sponsors.

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